All Services are available in English, French and German. Both online & in person (Therwil & Basel Switzerland)

Here’s the thing…

Self-empowerment IS A JOURNEY OF transformation.
IT TAKES courage, IT TAKES vulnerability. IT TAKES THE willingness TO STRETCH

I am on a mission to help hundreds of industry leaders rise above the noise and rediscover who they truly are in amongst the noise and chaos of everyday busy-ness. 


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It all began…

In the beginning stages of my career, I used to experience a lot of imposter syndrome, thinking that I needed to be perfect to make a real tangible difference in the world. This kept me locked down by my own self-imposed limitations and made it almost impossible for me to go out and strive for what my heart truly desired. After years of ‘shooting myself in the foot’, I had a good long chat with myself (a moment of deep inner introspection). I soon realized that there is no perfect. There never was.


There is perfection in the imperfect. I soon realised this. And all I needed to do to attain this state of calm acceptance, was to be 100% authentically me. The rest would happen naturally. I saw this. This shaped my journey and made me want to help others attain the same realization.


Empowerment journeys and coaching solutions that are centred upon an empathetic approach to transformation. Here at Élodie Ley, our approach is aimed at assisting industry leaders and everyday people to overcome their self-imposed limitations and leave their mark on the world in a way that feels authentic and aligned.

We are on a mission to shift our client’s and community’s awareness around their self-worth and true value and enable them to rise up and accept their authentic truth. We do this by transforming perceived limitations into opportunities for empowerment. This is done through our empathetic and heart-centred approach to our coaching sessions and courses, which honour the interconnected nature between the mind, emotions and soul.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A personal leadership architect THAT CAN HELP YOU introduce YOURSELF TO YOUR true self, THEN YOU ARE IN THE right PLACE. I AM here TO TAKE YOU

  • Fixating on the things you don’t love about yourself, your weaknesses, per se. 
  • Feeling unconfident and restricted by anxiety, stress, and insecurity. 
  • Struggling to figure out the meaning of life. 
  • Unable to understand your emotions and where they come from + how they affect you.
  • Loving every small detail about yourself and realising that there are no weaknesses. 
  • Feeling radically alive and excited to create and leave your mark on the world. 
  • Understanding the greater flow of existence and your purpose in this world. 
  • Knowing the source of all that you feel + feeling aware as to how they affect your body.

Are you ready to take your personal relationship with yourself to the next level?


1:1 Coaching

For those who are wanting intimate guided assistance.

These sessions are available in packages of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. During this time we will work intimately together to break through the limitations that are holding you back, whilst empowering you to step through these restrictions with confidence and clarity.

Group Coaching

For those who are wanting deep transformations for their teams.

These sessions are provided at either private events or professional gatherings. These workshops may cover a wide array of topics, such as vulnerability, self-confidence, courage in the workplace, the mind/body connection, or the interpersonal relationships that exist amongst team members and how to develop these.


For those who desire empowerment and transformation, but are wanting to work at their own pace.

Watch this space. Our first course on self-confidence will be available soon. It will include practical and strategic solutions, as well as step-by-step processes on how to enhance your self-confidence.

kind words & transformations

“The coaching sessions with Élodie allowed me to discover the REAL me, to understand where my anger came from, to realize my worth and to rekindle little lights that I no longer saw on my own. Thanks to Élodie, I found the answers I was looking for and I can finally fully experience the happiness, joy and love that surrounds me. It’s the start of a new and beautiful life that begins for me. Thank you very much Élodie!”

– Sommer Choups

MY three-step PROCESS FOR long-lasting TRANSFORMATION:


After connecting on a connection call and selecting your package, we will get started with our coaching session in which we will map out the pressing issues that caused you to seek out assistance. This is a time when we will work intimately together; we will begin to trust each other and this process will allow you to surrender. 

Reflection & Immersion

After this we move into a time of reflection where you will be prompted and supported through a series of questions. This is an intimate process that requires vulnerability, and yet it is a safe space where you will feel held and guided. This work incorporates the mind, emotions and soul.


After diving in deep and working through a lot of your obstacles, we will arrive at the golden moment where the veil is lifted and your true authentic essence shines through. This is where I hold space for a profound transformation to occur. 

Are we a good fit?

We are perfectly aligned if you:

Value transformations that last – there are no quick fixes here.
Value the expert guidance of a trained professional who is ready to listen and assist you.
Value your own well-being and are ready to soften, allowing yourself to be vulnerable.
Value your own self-worth and are ready to rise on the other side feeling empowered and transformed.

Feel like we are a perfect match?

Not sure what you need?

No worries, I am here to assist. Simply fill in this form  and I will guide you on what kind of assistance you will need to help you to break through your limitations.