All Services are available in English, French and German. Both online & in person (Therwil & Basel Switzerland)

PERSONAL COACHING* for the next generation of EMPOWERED LEADERS.

Are you ready to ignite and amplify your personal leadership skills? Don’t allow yourself to be the one thing that is standing in your own way.

*Leadership Coaching is available in English, French and German.

This is the COLD HARD truth – at the end of the day, you only have yourself. You enter this world on your own, you leave this world with no one beside you. In the end, there is only you.

Your relationship with yourself is EVERYTHING. It is an essential ingredient that predetermines how you lead.

We all want to become a leader who everyone remembers

A leader that someone will connect with and feel inspired by. A leader who radiates confidence,  leaves a mark on the world, and makes decisions from genuine authentic truth – yet, how do we do that without knowing what our true worth looks like? 

Let’s be honest, you don’t want to wake up at the end of your life and realise that you missed the mark. We all wish to live a life of deep purpose. And yet, it’s impossible to act from a place of confidence, ease and deep inner knowing when we are clouded by the perceptions and emotions that chain us down.

I have NEVER met a single leader who wants…

  • To feel anxious, stressed, or frustrated on a daily basis.

  • To feel like you’re on the constant brink of a new creation or discovery, only to continuously wind up tripping yourself up with your own limiting belief systems (because, believe it or not, imposter syndrome can be real for executives too).

  • To know that there is a confident version of yourself who simply radiates charisma and an authenticity that is unique only to you – and yet, you always feel as if this person is always just out of arm’sarms reach.

To know that you could contribute more to your business, life, family and relationships, yet you are currently just trying to keep your head above water.

Do you remember who you are, before you became who the world told you to be?

“As an HR professional I did collaborate with many coaches before, but never as the person to be coached. When I first met Elodie I faced challenges in my current role. I was too comfortable in my position and thus been struggling to move beyond the status quo and developing into a senior professional and stronger leader. Élodie helped me to better understand my strengths and which of those supported my career and journey towards becoming the professional I am today. Through our coaching sessions, Elodie was offering various tools, assessments and exercises which further helped me. Within a few weeks, only I could feel the impact of the coaching, which swiftly resulted in more positive feedback from my management and my environment.   It has been fantastic to have Elodie as a coach and someone you can share your obstacles and thoughts outside my corporate environment. The effect of this cannot be underestimated. I am very glad to have met Elodie as my coach and for the positive impact she had on my person and my development. I highly recommend Elodie as a coach for any professional and personal journeys one might face.”

Raphael Verdugo, HR Business Partner

A survey by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) revealed that 65% of executives in the US reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression and 63% reported symptoms of insomnia due to work-related stress.

This stress has been shown to cloud one’s perceptions of who they are and how one fits into the world.  They say that there isn’t a magical pill for increased confidence and self-worth but, what if I told you that there is a magical process – a process that results in greater focus, motivation, and stronger resiliency?

Would you believe me, or would you fall back into limitation and doubt?.

I call this process, the EloFlow Method.

Taking you beyond coaching, these transformational leadership sessions incorporate the mind, body and emotions, in order to bring you closer to the single most important thing in this life – your inner self and soul. 

My coaching sessions have been successful in aiding industry leaders, employees, and individuals in their personal capacities. Together, we have journeyed deep, breaking glass ceilings and helping them to rise above the perceived limitations that stop them from reaching their ultimate goal. 

When you know yourself deeply, when you can navigate the waters of life with you by your side as the ultimate companion, this is when you are able to accomplish anything!

The truth is that the ability to lead lies within you. You can be any type of personality and still learn to be an empowered leader. It takes lots of practice, the readiness to reflect and the willingness to stretch beyond your zone of comfort.

Leadership is not something you have, but luckily it is something you can learn. And I am here to assist you!

“Élodie is not only a terrific and precise personal leadership coach but also an inspiring person. She is very thorough in everything she does. She consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and her dedication to success helped me in my professional journey. Élodie has an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others.”

– Gabriella Rudolf, Associate Director, Global Benefits & Perks

Élodie is an intelligent, empathetic and patient coach. When I met her, I was frustrated and discouraged about my private life, not sure where to go next. I wasn’t convinced that I would get much from coaching, but after the introduction session, I realised that she had a lot to offer. I also hadn’t clearly defined my goals, but Élodie helped me articulate them and work towards them. With each session, I discovered more about myself, understood that my mindset was one of the limiting factors and learnt how to take back control of my life. The sessions were informative, thought-provoking, practical and helpful to other aspects of my life.”

Ekamma Inanga, Senior Manager

kind words & transformations

I received the idea of coaching from my manager. He talked about the added value he gets from coaching, and I wanted to improve myself as a leader.  I stipulated a few topics I wanted to work on: “be a better leader” and “servant leadership”, but also, in the process, increase my self-confidence and reassess the high standards I set for myself and my team. Elodie helped me focus on what I do well and where I might need some improvement. This realization took away the enormous pressure I placed on myself and transmitted to my team.  Accepting I don’t have to be perfect, am allowed to make mistakes, and sometimes don’t have an answer to a question, helped me to reassess and manage my everyday life. I now perceive myself and my team as individuals with strengths and weaknesses.  We can use our differences to grow as a team and support each other.”

Melina Kiewald, Head of Marketing


  • Expert guidance on how to strategically identify your limitations and map out a tangible step-by-step process to overcome them.

  • Invest in yourself as a leader, knowing that you are capable of empowering your team through enhanced leadership skills.

  • Identify your strengths and know how to activate them in your everyday life, making you a powerful leader. 

  • To invest in your employees, knowing that a team that is rooted in confidence will help to grow your company. In fact, this is an automatic by-product of deep inner knowing and clarity.

  • Live a stress-free life that is devoid of overwhelm, frustration, anxiety or depression.

Step into a level of vibrant living that you have only ever read about in wellness magazines – believe me, it’s time for you to have that ‘is this for real’ moment.

MY promise  TO YOU

I am here to tell you that it is possible, and I would like to invite you to join the wide array of previous clients who have already experienced real transformation in their personal lives and at work. If you are looking for a coaching experience that infuses concrete leadership tools and  body-mind-soul techniques, then the EloFlow method is for you.

Here is my promise to you…


infinite possibilities lie on the other
side of transformation

 I offer lasting and real transformation that is rooted in authentic knowing. During our sessions, I will hold space for you and guide you in identifying your strengths, and then activating them.  The secret sauce – this is not a linear process and oftentimes we will start in the last place you could possibly imagine.


An empowered person simply
radiates confidence

It is through the process of transformation that you will arise empowered and more confident than ever before. This is the space from which greatness flows, this is the space from which purpose is realised and actualised. 


We see you, we feel you, we are here.

I am here to help you lift the veil on everything that is not you – your limitations, your restrictions, your ingrained perceptions of who you are and who you are capable of being. This requires vulnerability, it is a process that we handle with compassion and empathy. It is time to be raw and real with yourself – this is where your gold lies.

I received the idea of coaching from my manager. He talked about the added value he gets from coaching, and I wanted to improve myself as a leader.  I stipulated a few topics I wanted to work on: “be a better leader” and “servant leadership”, but also, in the process, increase my self-confidence and reassess the high standards I set for myself and my team. Elodie helped me focus on what I do well and where I might need some improvement. This realization took away the enormous pressure I placed on myself and transmitted to my team.  Accepting I don’t have to be perfect, am allowed to make mistakes, and sometimes don’t have an answer to a question, helped me to reassess and manage my everyday life. I now perceive myself and my team as individuals with strengths and weaknesses.  We can use our differences to grow as a team and support each other.” 

Melina Kiewald, Head of Marketing


My private 1:1 coaching is available in packages of
3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Here’s what’s included:

Personal Leadership Coaching Sessions (weekly, bimonthly or monthly depending on package length and your needs)


1:1 Guidance & Support in Person (Basel Region and/or Online)


Extra WhatsApp/ Email Support


Clifton Strengths Assessment & Deep-Dive Analysis


Motivation and& a Private Cheerleader on Your Side


Bonus Calls


Concrete Leadership Tools


Personalized & Tailored Exercises and Workbooks


Access to Online Courses at Discounted Prices


Initial Consultations and Progress Assessments with Line-Management (if necessary)


Many More Extras (depending on your package)


PRICING Between CHF 1’479 and 11’797

(inclusions and pricing will vary depending on the length of the coaching package chosen)

Some companies sponsor leadership coaching, does yours too?

I am a personal leadership coach that strongly believes in filling my own cup and continuously enhancing my knowledge, which is why I only take on a limited number of clients per year. I would like to invite you to be next, are you ready to journey deep with me as we lift the veil on everything that is not you? As we say in French, “ton voyage le plus personnel t’attend”.


kind words & transformations

I knew I was stuck in my work life. I wanted to leave my legal counsel role for baking pastries but was frozen with fear of making the mistake of failing. I had this set idea it was ‘my dream’ and would solve all the stress, fear and doubts I had at work. We started working on what I like and don’t like at work. On my private life. My childhood. Not my work itself. Not on my hobbies. Elodie remembers and connects teeny tiny elements when you speak. She has a superpower – and she delivers in simple words what seems so obvious but that I couldn’t see. She does NOT act as a psychologist. She makes you work. When she asked me to make a business plan for the pastry shop I dreamed of, it hit me in the face. I was stuck in a dream that was not realistic. 10 sessions after we started I knew I needed to change roles. Elodie made me realize that. A few weeks after raising the question internally about ‘any other open roles’, I initiated interviews and got a new job in my department which I was dreaming of. It is luck, good timing BUT without Elodie, I would have never provoked this luck. Trust her, she knows what she’s doing!”

Laura, Compliance & Risk Manager

“At the dawn of my 30s, I was looking for a new professional challenge, a professional reorientation. Nevertheless, before the coaching sessions with Élodie, I sabotaged myself and had the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. The lack of confidence in myself was causing me to fail over and over again. While I could not see clearly by myself what path to take, Élodie gave me the keys I needed to find the new direction to follow. Always attentive and present during moments of doubt, she really takes her job at heart and made my successes hers. The coaching sessions really helped me see life from a different perspective. In a short time, I managed to get out of the vicious cycle and enter into a virtuous cycle. Thanks to the coaching, I have now managed to change from job, boost my professional career and start new personal projects with motivation and confidence.”

Léa, Commercial Assistant.

Hi, I’m Élodie Ley…

And I have dedicated my career towards assisting industry and everyday leaders in overcoming their limitations, believing in their strengths, using their obstacles as opportunities for transformation, and unveiling their true potential. 

What makes me unique is that I open insights that people didn’t see before. I see people for who they truly are. I make people feel they can be themselves without playing roles. I give them the emotional support they need to open up. And thanks to the tools and awareness I give them, they dare to reach for the next level in their life. 

My coaching is available in English, French and German. I am fortunate enough to have worked with a wide range of professionals from around the world, and my background in sociology and my holistic approach to transformation are continuously providing my clients with exceptional results.

Believe me when I say that I know what it’s like to struggle against the quest for perfection. I spend many years of my life trying to change myself, trying to be someone I am not. I had very high expectations of myself and trying to keep up with them was downright exhausting. I thought I needed to have a perfect life – but that was the day I realized that there is no such thing.


Values transformations that last – there are no quick fixes here. 

Values the expert introspection, understanding, and guidance of a trained professional who is ready to listen and assist you.

Values your own well-being and are ready to soften, allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Values your own self-worth and are ready to rise on the other side feeling empowered and transformed.  

Feel like we are a perfect match?

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know it works?

You will feel different. I can’t measure your success, but you will feel your success. So many things will change in the coming month, be ready.

Can I pay in payment plans?

Yes, I offer 2–3-month payment plans.

Do you coach online and in person? Does one have more impact than the other?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that coaching should not become an extra burden; it is supposed to help you. I coach online, in person in Therwil (Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland) and the Greater Basel Area. It is important to select the option that feels right for you and your schedule – it is a personal preference and doesn’t affect the result.


How does it work?

We will begin with a 20-minute Connection Call, after this you will choose your package. Payment is collected upfront, after which we will book the first coaching session and start the program. Every coaching session is 60 minutes long. After every coaching session, I will give you an exercise to do. The next time we see each other, we work on the exercise and then move on to the next topic.

Are there certain topics that come back?

Self-confidence is a topic that generally comes up at least once in every coaching program.

What will we talk about during the session?

Trust me on this one, there is so much to discover about yourself. Every coaching session uncovers different aspects of your personality and they are all so interesting!