All Services are available in English, French and German. Both online & in person (Therwil & Basel Switzerland)

Transformative Group Coaching FOR THE LEADERS TIRED OF WATCHING THEIR LEGACY FALL APART BECAUSE OF constant conflict & a lack of communication BETWEEN STAFF MEMBERS.

For those times when ‘showing up and doing your job’ just isn’t enough.

I’ve recently participated in an event organised by Élodie. The setup was great, the content was up to the point and her involvement was second to none. Everyone from our group enjoyed the session and we definitely achieved the set goals. I can only highly recommend Élodie.

I had the opportunity to participate in a group coaching with Élodie, and I must say that I was won over! Élodie is a caring, sincere and attentive person. She took the time to listen and advise each person in the group, and helped me unblock my current problems. So do not hesitate to contact Élodie, she is a gem of a coach!

We are proud of what we achieved during the workshop – proud to feel like a team again! Team members were positively flashed from that day and from the experience that they could speak to each other in such an open manner. Every participant loved the way Elodie prepared everything and guided us through the day.

It can cause so much stress & anxiety…

Staring at a spreadsheet highlighted in red, wondering what has resulted in such a steady decline in income and profits.

The truth is that burn-out, high staff turnover, depression at work, loss of engagement, decreased focus & concentration, gossiping and unmotivated employees, absenteeism, and conflict between team members are a few of the most significant factors that contribute to the decline in a company’s growth and achievements.

At the end of the day, a business isn’t only defined by statistics, profit margins, sales metrics or targets. It’s defined by the mental health of the unit and their ability to communicate & work together. 

Its success is paved by the beating hearts that keep it moving forward.

Your business is your legacy. . .

And you deserve more than having it fall apart because of a lack of empathetic communication amongst your team members.

At the end of the day, we all want 

  • To increase the company’s profits and productivity from a place of power rather than force. 
  • To know that our employees are feeling validated, seen and felt within the workspace. 
  • To have our staff members united as a team, allowing them to reach those big goals by moving forward together as a united and well-communicating front. 
  • To know that our employees are having heartfelt conversations and connecting as one human being to another. 
  • To feel a sense of upliftment, support, mutual respect and positivity fill the workplace. 

If there was a way to create a flourishing environment, a vibrant and aligned team who is passionate about its work, and a lasting legacy for your company – wouldn’t you want that?

This is where I come in. . .

I am here to provide group coaching and facilitation workshops that transform your everyday staff members into a powerhouse of connected industry professionals. 

These days, this isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it’s vital 

ACCORDING TO A HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW STUDY, companies that foster a collaborative environment can INCREASE THEIR PRODUCTIVITY BY UP TO 25%.


Your company is the sum of all its people – focusing on the well-being and alignment of the group is your secret to success!

It’s time to start fostering heartfelt conversations, human connection, and a deep sense of belonging and validation.

Each team member has unique needs, trigger points, challenges, values, or ways of communicating. How these sacred fragments come together is what ultimately creates your company’s soul & how it shows up in the world. 


These are the things that come together to create a powerful TEAM…

My Corporate Group Coaching Programs are here to help you to build a unified TEAM through the Power of Human Connection:



There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to see the increased confidence shining upon your employees face or feel the shift of energy in the room.



My coaching methods lean on compassion to ensure that every team member feels seen and validated



These sessions are constructed to allow participants to move through blockages and obstacles quickly, while encouraging them to have honest, open and authentic discussions.



A team that is empowered & united helps to create a company culture that is marketable & magnetic to potential clients and customers.

During these sessions, we work on building solid team dynamics through the use of internal (coaching) and external (facilitation) methodologies.

The end goal is to infuse your employee’s personal values into the company’s values, creating a business and a workforce that is unshakable.


Élodie is a super professional facilitator. I have the impression that we could not be successful without her support during the two half/days meeting. It became obvious to me during the meeting that she had thought about how the meeting was going to move on, she really had prepared it. Besides she is really nice and one feels comfortable at the workshops organised by her. Thank you  Élodie for your support.

L.F, Senior Program Lead

The workshop delivered on my expectations. I really like the way our facilitator  Élodie prepared all the exercises we did. Each exercise was leading us to the next step, which was interesting. And more importantly, we came up with concrete conclusions to move forward.

E.J, Reliability Engineer

We had not had such a human and trustful conversation in the past 10 years of working with each other! Thanks for this impactful workshop!

 R.E, Associate Director

One of the best workshops I have ever attended in 30 years of my career

 G.H., Director of Communications

Giving Visibility to the Person Behind the Role

It’s about connecting people to themselves, to their values, and to the values of others.

My aim is always to guide team members away from looking at each other as co-workers and towards accepting each other as human beings. 

I have facilitated groups containing senior leaders who have worked together for more than 10 years, but who didn’t communicate with each other anymore.

What I have seen is that it is often assumptions and disconnection that stand in the way of authentic collaboration and teamwork, but after a single one-day workshop, these senior leaders (who have not spoken in years) are suddenly opening up and connecting.

This is the power of empathetic coaching & facilitation.

Corporate Coaching is available both in person in the Basel Area, Switzerland, through online sessions or worldwide at your premises
(I love what I do so much that I’ll even travel to you).

I instruct these group sessions in English, German and French. Let me know what language fits your team best.

After our coaching session, your team will leave with

  • Concrete tools and a sustainable action plan that will ensure your team is set up for lasting results. 
  • A company mission statement that is infused with each employee’s values, as well as concrete steps on how to achieve the overall mission. 
  • Greater confidence in their ability, and that of their coworkers, to achieve the goals that we have outlined in the workshop.
  • An enhanced ability to communicate with each other, human to human. 
  • Greater understanding of their coworkers and their unique way of functioning and working. 
  • Greater confidence and ease in YOU, the Employer, knowing that you can trust your team to work together to increase profits and productivity. 

  • A lighter ambience in the workspace and greater team dynamics.

I am passionate about guiding individual team members towards harnessing their unique flow and channelling it into the larger flow of the company.

It all starts with a connection call:

45-minute connection call:
The client and/or HR work with  Élodie to define the workshop’s purpose, context and desired outcomes.

Proposal: Élodie writes out the purpose, context and desired outcomes, mapping out collaboration timelines and assigning responsibilities.

Proposal Fine Tuning:
 The client and/or HR and  Élodie walk through, revise and align the proposal to the main goal.

Data Collection & Qualitative Analysis:
To allow each participant the opportunity to express their personal expectations and version of the story,  Élodie will do an in-depth interview with each staff member, allowing her to gain an internal view of the overall context, and understand the real challenges.

15-minute kick-off call:
The client and/or HR work with  Élodie to define the workshop’s purpose, context and desired outcomes.

Workshop: Élodie writes out the purpose, context and desired outcomes, mapping out collaboration timelines and assigning responsibilities.
Aftercare: After collecting each participant’s feedback,  Élodie will formulate a detailed report with photos of the workshop that will outline the progress and way forward. There will then be a closing call with the client, HR and  Élodie to discuss the success of the workshop. There will be a reassessment 3 months after the workshop, as well as concrete steps for the sustainability of long-term success.

Every Business is different and consists of different needs. You can choose between:

Team (Re)Connection & United Mission 

This Workshop is an evergreen offering that has consistently delivered remarkable success for our clients and their employees. This workshop empowers your team members to (re)connect as human beings and to align their individual missions and visions, resulting in the creation of an integrated and powerful statement that propels them forward as a united front.

Customised Workshop

Our Personalized Consultation Workshop is a premium offering designed to serve clients seeking tailored solutions to address their specific needs and concerns. This exclusive workshop is meticulously crafted to align with your expectations and focuses on collaboratively mapping out your unique purpose and desired outcomes..

Every business and its needs are different, so after hearing exactly what is required, I will send through a detailed quote and proposal.


Could not thank  Élodie enough for the excellent workshop she facilitated with us. I found the workshop excellently led by her, very well prepared and extremely valuable. I think it was an extremely good idea from our team leader to reach out to her and plan this workshop! It’s only during the days after the workshop, that I really became aware of how much this workshop was needed and how impactful it was for the spirit of the team! Great feeling to have rediscovered my colleagues for who they are and to feel the sense of belonging to the team


The workshop was a good way to make us remember that we work towards a common goal, to understand each other better, and to discuss the assumptions we have about each other. It was a success!  and connect with each other outside daily business

D.F, Scientific Associate

We are proud of what we achieved during the workshop – proud to feel like a team again! Team members were positively flashed from that day and from the experience that they could speak to each other in such an open manner. Every participant loved the way  Élodie prepared everything and guided us through the day


Hi, I’m Élodie Ley…

I’m a personal leadership coach who started my career working exclusively with individuals seeking personal development, but quickly discovered that every leader could benefit from building self-confidence to lead their teams and their lives with authenticity and courage. 

Through coaching leaders one-on-one and in groups, I’ve learned that leadership is a very personal journey – tapping into the person behind the leader is the key to success. 

By helping leaders connect with themselves, they’re able to better connect with their teams, leading to better-functioning businesses, more joy at work, and lower burn-out rates.

My expertise in human connection and heart-centred leadership can bring valuable insight to any organisation looking to improve its team dynamics and leadership skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much time will it take away from the ‘actual work’ the employees need to do?

The workshop will take one to three days (depending on your preference) and each employee will need about an hour for an in-depth interview and 30 minutes for their preparation work. Ultimately, a more aligned workforce will keep providing you with a return on investment for years to come.

What does it cost?

The cost of the workshop depends on several factors, including the number of participants, the duration of the workshop (1 day, 2 days, 3 days), the amount of preparation, design, and set-up work involved, potential travel costs (whether the workshop takes place in Basel, Europe, or worldwide), and the desired level of detail in the workshop report. As a general estimate, you can budget from 697 CHF (excl. VAT) per employee. It’s worth noting that these workshops are typically financed through the company’s training and team development budget.

What are the participants' common hopes for the workshop?

 One common hope is that the workshop justifies the investment of time and money. Participants have various hopes, such as improving collaboration, fostering a common understanding, acting as one team with one voice for the benefit of the company, promoting open and transparent discussions without politics or tactics, building trust and confidence in each other’s capabilities, creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, initiating and sustaining team-building efforts, reconnecting as a united team, sharing professional values and beliefs, breaking down silos, encouraging attentive listening and respect, and fostering open and fluid communication. Workshops bring teams together, providing new insights and strengths. They serve as a milestone or reset for team collaboration, allowing teams to start fresh, align expectations, and continue their journey stronger and faster. The workshop offers a valuable opportunity to break away from everyday work, realign, and progress with enhanced team dynamics.

Where does the workshop take place?

Élodie is based in Basel, Switzerland, and offers workshops both locally and internationally. The sessions can be conducted in person at various locations such as companies’ meeting rooms, hotel business rooms, team building venues, and even occasionally on boats. If you prefer an online workshop, that option is also available. We can discuss the specific location based on your preferences and requirements.

As a busy business owner, do I need to be involved?

Élodie understands that your schedule is demanding, and she strives to make the process efficient and time-effective. She will require your presence on the initial call to discuss the primary goals and vision. However, if you are unable to attend, your HR department can manage the entire process on your behalf.