All Services are available in English, French and German. Both online & in person (Therwil & Basel Switzerland)


I create empowerment journeys and coaching solutions that are centered upon an empathetic approach to transformation, to help everyday super heroes and industry leaders overcome their self-imposed limitations and thereby leave their mark on the world in a way that feels authentic and aligned.



Melina Kiewald


I wanted to improve myself as a leader, increase my self-confidence and reassess the high standards I set for myself and my team. Élodie helped me focus on what I do well and where I might need some improvement. I now perceive myself and my team as individuals with strengths and weaknesses, who can use their differences to grow as a team and support each other. I highly recommend Élodie, as I have already seen the positive impact the coaching has on me. I will continue to work on myself and look forward to continuing my coaching with Élodie.

Head of Marketing Switzerland

Raphael Verdugo


As an HR professional, I was coached by Élodie to tackle challenges in my current role. She created a comfortable yet stimulating atmosphere, which helped me to open up and develop further. Elodie helped me understand my strengths, which ones supported my career journey, and which ones could become obstacles in the future. Through our coaching sessions, she offered various tools, assessments, and exercises that had a swift impact on my professional growth, resulting in positive feedback from my management and environment. The coaching was enriching for my personal growth as well. Élodie’s coaching helped me to calm down and become re-energized, even on stressful days. I highly recommend Elodie as a coach for any professional and personal journeys one might face. 

Human Ressources Business Partner

Ekamma Inanga


When I met Élodie, I was frustrated and wasn’t convinced that I would get much from coaching, but after the introduction session, I realised that she had a lot to offer. I also hadn’t clearly defined my goals, but Élodie helped me articulate them and work towards them. With each session, I discovered more about myself, understood that my mindset was one of the limiting factors and learnt how to take back control of my life. Since meeting Élodie 6 months ago, I have grown in confidence, worked on setting boundaries, challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone, and now have a clear vision of what I want for my life.

Senior Manager

Emilie Loerup


Élodie has been by my side for 1 year+. Before meeting Élodie, I was in such a vulnerable and lost place where I needed to dive into my insecurities and get better in many aspects of my life. I had a lot to change but had no idea how to. Every session brought some value and the learning curve was massive. She always went the extra mile to be available and support me. After coaching with Élodie I gained new perspectives and insights that changed my own belief and views. Today I have so much more self love, self respect, and confidence, in myself and my abilities. I couldn’t get here without her. She saw me for who I am and helped me evolve to a better version and a healthier narrative. It’s the best investment of time and money I’ve done and I would recommend her to anyone that is considering coaching.

Marketing Manager

Malin Dettman-Levin


Élodie has been such a big help for me the last few months. I came to her quite lost and confused, coming back to work after a year on maternity leave. I wasn’t sure how I wanted my professional, and personal life to look like. Working with Élodie helped me get a better clarity of the underlying reasons behind my feelings. She is great at putting words and summarising my “all-over-the-place” confusing thoughts. Working with Élodie has been one of the greatest investments I’ve made in myself, and for the reasons above I would recommend everyone to work with her.

Sandra Herrero

As an expat in the Netherlands, I sought out a Personal Development & Leadership Coach in Hilversum to help me with my personal issues and improve my self-confidence, self-worth, and limiting beliefs. Élodie was able to help me improve my productivity and focus on my photography business. Through each session, I discovered something new about myself and was able to resolve problems and make progress with her guidance. Élodie helped me identify the roots of my problems, fears, and traumas and provided a safe space for me to express myself. Her kindness and warmth made me feel like I was with a friend. Elodie motivated me to raise my prices and it resulted in a significant increase in revenue for my business. With her help, I have uncovered hidden parts of myself and have leveled up my business. Investing in Elodie was one of the best investments I’ve made in my life and business. Thank you, Élodie!


Élodie is a great coach, who listens to your needs and takes a considerable amount of time to interact with you and understand you. Generously empathetic, she put me in a position of trust. Thanks to Élodie I was able to recover from a difficult period, she gave me the necessary tools to stand up and overcome my struggles quickly. Having little self-confidence, thanks to Élodie I understood what true self-acceptance means. And above all, I got the important revelation that – we have the right to be who we are and to love ourselves.


I lacked self-confidence and had various fears before seeking coaching from Élodie. Through her expertise and six online video sessions, I gained a holistic understanding of my situation, untied past knots, and acquired tools to achieve my goals. Thanks to the introspection work, I no longer suffer from anxiety and can travel alone. I gained self-confidence, learned to respect my limits, manage my emotions, and communicate my needs. I now have more time for myself and my family, and appreciate my worth. This personal development has boosted my confidence in my abilities and made me more serene about future projects.


Élodie is a very warm person. She listened to me really well and did not try to steer me in any direction to take. Instead, she let me steer my own direction by asking me the right questions. All the questions were on spot and I immediately found the answers that has already there within me. She helped me found the answer I have been seeking all this time, the root to all my problems, my self-worth. Having coaching sessions with Elodie was one of the best investments I ever made in my life and I was really glad I did.

L. Giordano

Compliance & Risk Manager

I found Élodie online and was impressed by her credentials, testimonials, and professionalism. I wanted to leave my job as a legal counsel for baking pastries but was frozen with fear of failure. After ten sessions, I realized I needed to change roles, and Élodie helped me see that. Shortly after, I landed a new job in my dream department. Élodie is not a psychologist but makes you work and helps you see things in a different light. She’s skilled at what she does, and I highly recommend her.

David Rietzler

Product Manager

Élodie is an inspiring and positive woman who seeks a better version of herself and others. Through her travels and various studies, she has developed both an open mind and a great capacity to listen. This engenders confidence, eliminates judgment, and therefore creates the possibility of totally honest exchange. I wish everyone could meet Élodie. Whatever the reason, I am certain her energy will carry you forward and encourage you to pursue your path with confidence, all while working towards your dreams.

Kelsea Massolt

Marketplace Curator

Elodie is an incredible coach, she is both professional and genuine! She was able to help me pinpoint my struggle in 1 session after many months of me not knowing why I was unhappy. Being an expat in The Netherlands, Elodie helped me find my identity and helped me realize my potential and purpose in my new chapter of life. I could not be more thankful for her incredible knowledge, and advice!


Élodie is incredible at unlocking potential and maximizing growth. What I appreciate most is how she not only inspires, but also supports and encourages real results. She coaches to your potential, not just your current performance level. Her enthusiastic, vibrant and caring personality fosters a valuable coaching relationship.


Program Manager

Élodie is an inspiring personal development and leadership coach with a strong work ethic. Her dedication has helped me in my professional journey. She has an ease in building interpersonal relationships and is highly recommended.

Gabriella Rudolf

Associate Director, Global Benefits & Perks

Through Élodie’s coaching, I discovered my true self, overcame anger, and regained my worth. Her guidance reignited my inner spark and allowed me to fully appreciate happiness, joy, and love. I am grateful for her help in starting a beautiful new chapter in my life. Thank you, Élodie!

Sommer Choups

Landscape Architecter

Élodie is such a great and positive woman. With an experienced eye, she helped me to find my inner strength and showed me how I am the key to my own happiness. I strongly recommend having Élodie as a coach!


Policy Advisor

Before the coaching sessions with Élodie, the lack of confidence in myself was causing me to fail over and over again. The coaching sessions really helped me see life from a different perspective. In a short time, I managed to get out of the vicious cycle and enter into a virtuous cycle.


Commercial Assistant 

I reached out to Élodie during a tough time in my life, feeling hopeless and lacking confidence. Through six sessions, she helped me rediscover myself and become aware of areas to improve. I still have much to learn, but I am grateful for the progress I’ve made with her help. Thank you, Élodie!

Eszter Hegyi

Business Consultant



M. L.

GROUP coaching

I had the opportunity to participate in a group coaching with Élodie, and I must say that I was won over! Élodie is a caring, sincere and attentive person. She took the time to listen and advise each person in the group, and helped me unblock my current problems. So do not hesitate to contact Élodie, she is a gem of a coach!

Style Coach at MeliLarti


GROUP coaching

I’ve recently participated in an event organised by Élodie. The setup was great, the content was up to the point and her involvement was second to none. Everyone from our group enjoyed the session and we definitely achieved the set goals. I can only highly recommend Élodie.

Process & System Lead

A. C.

GROUP coaching

We are proud of what we achieved during the workshop – proud to feel like a team again! Team members were positively flashed from that day and from the experience that they could speak to each other in such an open manner. Every participant loved the way Elodie prepared everything and guided us through the day.

VP Marketing


GROUP coaching

The workshop was a good way to make us remember that we work towards a common goal, to understand each other better, and to discuss the assumptions we have about each other. It was a success!  and connect with each other outside daily business.

Scientific Associate


Could not thank Élodie enough for the excellent workshop she facilitated with us. I found the workshop excellently led by her, very well prepared and extremely valuable. I think it was an extremely good idea from our team leader to reach out to her and plan this workshop! It’s only during the days after the workshop, that I really became aware of how much this workshop was needed and how impactful it was for the spirit in the team! Great feeling to have rediscovered my colleagues for who they are and to feel the sense of belonging to the team.


Elodie is an super professional facilitator. I have the impression that we could not be successful without her support during the two half/days meeting. It became obvious to me during the meeting that she had thought about how the meeting was going to move on, she really had prepared it. Besides she is really nice and one feels really comfortable at the workshops organized by her. Thank you Elodie for your support.


The workshop delivered on my expectations. I really like the way our facilitator Elodie prepared all the exercises we did. Each exercise was leading us to the next step, which was really interesting. And more importantly we came up with concrete final conclusions to move forward.


It was a very good workshop that allowed us to learn about each other, to understand each other with our different points of view and to reconnect as people. So good to feel human!


Product Manager

Élodie has a great understanding of women, particularly on body image and self-acceptance. Her compassionate approach creates a safe space to reflect and grow. She is a valuable asset to have in this world


Reliability Engineer

The workshop was a good way to make us remember that we work towards a common goal, to understand each other better, and to discuss the assumptions we have about each other. It was a success!  and connect with each other outside daily business.


Associate Director


Director of Communications

One of the best workshops I have ever attended in 30 years of career. 


Sales Manager

I could really feel how this workshop day helped improving the communication and the collaboration within our leadership team.


Associate Director

We had not had such a human and trustful conversation in the past 10 years of working with each other! Thanks for this impactful workshop!